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625 W. Short Street, Lexington

One of the most rewarding things we’ve done is the restoration of our beautiful historic home, Botherum, downtown Lexington. Being able to explore the house (and figuring out the story) through digging in the attic, the basement, the yard… has been like living a TV show… so much hard work but also lots of fun.  Plus, we are so close to the airport, Dudley’s, Blue Heron, Thursday Night Live, and the interstate that we save so much time driving.

Saying all that, I wanted to share with you this AMAZING house down the street that is for sale by a friend, David, who has bought another historic home a few houses away. As you can see from these photos, this isn’t “lite” restoration, but it’s down to the nitty gritty. The result is more than these photos show. Truly, I could move in with a toothbrush and Lily and Gertrude and be perfectly satisfied. Even the back yard has been professionally redone the right way, with retaining walls, proper drainage… And did I say it was a double lot so there is a HUGE space to build a garage?

So I will ask someone who has visited us here from Charleston, SC, Richmond, VA, Orlando and Jacksonville, FL and many other places, PLEASE buy this house and be our neighbor!  You already know how much fun Lexington is and it gets better everyday.  This one is too good to let go and I promise to be the first person to bring over the bottle of Maker’s Mark to welcome you!

See more photos over at Zillow >

Here’s a look at the before and after…
What an amazing restoration that makes me proud to live in Lexington!


Before Collage




After Collage

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