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We’ve been Selected As An Honoree For The 2018 Salonniere 100!

The Salonniere 100 recognizes America’s 100 best party hosts—those who entertain with unparalleled flair

Time to celebrate! (and you know we do it right…)

We consider being named to this list a great achievement. The nationwide selection process takes more than six months and involves querying social authorities and local in-the-know experts, including journalists, philanthropists, not-for-profit fundraisers, social luminaries, event planners, and cultural and business leaders.

As they put it…

“From the dawn of humankind to the days of the 17th- and 18th-century French salonnieres to today, social gatherings have always played a pivotal role in society. Those on the Salonniere 100 are our nation’s most vital connectors, and their contributions to our communities are invaluable. They are leading the way in furthering the tradition of hosting parties with a purpose, parties that connect people, advance ideas, and bring joy and inspiration to others.”

View the full list here:



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