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We are pleased to be amongst honorees from 33 U.S. cities which represent a diverse and creative group of people who share a common trait: an ability to leverage the power of parties to enhance the lives of others.

“Social gatherings play a vital role in our lives and communities, whether to connect people, advance ideas, support causes, or promote joyfulness, and those who host them well provide a great gift to humanity,” said Carla McDonald, The Salonniere’s founder and editor in chief. “The Salonniere 100 is our way of honoring those who are extraordinary at hosting events with passion and purpose and using the power of parties to unite, enhance, and improve the lives of others.”

—excerpt from The Salonière

Here’s to another year of fun and supporting the people and causes that make such a difference in our world! It’s worth every moment spent!

You can read more and see the full list here:

Lexington Cancer Foundation Derby Gala and Wine Auction
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