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Charlotte and Daniel Ward



How about this for inspiring?

When we were ready to completely redesign the gardens at the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion a couple of years ago, we reached out to our dear friends, Charlotte and Daniel Ward of Longshadow Planters. Longshadow makes many of the beautiful garden ornaments and planters you see in our work, including at our own home, Botherum.

Because Charlotte and Daniel are so kind and so generous they offered to donate their beautiful planters to the Mansion so that we could add to the timeless elegance that we were striving to reach with this project. We couldn’t have done it without them…

Please join us at the Summer Solstice Garden Celebration, one in our series of LIFE+STYLE events, at the Governors Mansion in Frankfort, Kentucky on June 20th. The Wards will be lending their experience, knowledge and expertise to everyone who can make it to this wonderful event.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Longshadow planters you will see at the Governor’s Mansion:

longshadow Collage

Just a little bit more about these
very special people…

20 years ago Chalotte and Daniel Ward moved to Pomona, Illinois where they were surrounded by the rolling wooded hills of the Shawnee National Forest. There they planted their dream of building a grand garden and creating fine classic planters, beautiful and rugged enough to withstand the ravages of winter.

As Charlotte puts it: “22 years ago we were challenged by an Englishman asking why the Americans can’t make their own garden ornaments. We raise our our eyebrows at each other and realized we would save America from this condescending thought. From then on we’ve had this big driving dream and before we knew it we were entrepreneurs. We love the feeling of fine old gardens and take great pride in being a protective, positive, enhancing part of the gardening world.”

Charlotte and Daniel love to share the beauty of Longshadow planters and ornaments and the inspiring setting in which they’re crafted, making their own garden one which visitors from all over the country come to visit.

Instagram:  @longshadowplanters

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