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Here we are today, Friday, March 9th on the roof garden that we built on Park Avenue almost 10 years ago. The garden is just waking up and here are some photos of how it looks in the summer time. Every garden has a story and this story is one of my favorites. The owner found out about me through a friend who was my second client in the city back in 1990! There wasn’t a thing up here and the interior was 3 floors, a tri-plex, of raw nothing. Not only is this one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever set foot in, but the owners are fabulous. They are from Virginia, and let me tell you… in this big northern city, away from my family in Kentucky, you just want someone from the south being warm, hospitable, and there for you if you needed them. Of my top 10, (no 5), (no 3!!!) list of glamorous, fabulous people, this woman is it. Period. I love my job!

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