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This Park Avenue terrace happens to be one of, if not, the swankiest addresses in New York. We built it from scratch about 10 years ago and maintain it every two weeks in the growing season. Because they look out onto the terrace from the inside, it is heavy with evergreens for all year interest. Look at how the Hinoki Cypress give personality to the garden. I love those shrubs! The Siberian Iris in purple bloom for just a short time, but the sword-shape foliage is the most important perennial shape for me in the garden…they are miniature exclamation points that “light” up the garden. As with any garden, the owner is what gives the space personality…and does she have a personality! Last week when she saw my Kentucky Proud ball cap, she wanted to know why we were so proud? Knowing she and her husband are from Virginia, I instantly said that it’s because we were once a county of Virginia. It was the first thing that crossed my mind and am glad that most of those thoughts come right out without thinking too much about it. Truly, nobody has state pride like Kentuckians, Virginians and Texans. You will know within a few minutes of meeting anyone from there where they hailed from and that makes me happy.

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