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Growing up on the banks of the Rockcastle River, there are a series of blooming wildflowers that begin in early spring starting with Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) that come up by the thousands along the river. There are a clump of solid white and solid pinks ones that show up each year, but only rarely. Of course, Momma trained us to try and be the first child to bring her a bouquet of blooming Bluebells each spring and, to this day, that’s my thought when walking along the Old Wilderness Road this time of year. Trilliums and Bloodroot, by the thousands come up next, and then Indian Moccasin, Phox, Helianthus, and so on.

This year, Chrysalis House, is honoring our sweet Momma for a Mother’s Day Luncheon and you are invited to come! For over 30 years, Chrysalis House “has been saving families one life at a time”. People sometimes need extra help to make it through the tough times. Momma has always been there for so many of us, from family to strangers that have walked in our door at the store on our property. It’s unbelievable how many of you have come up to me at parties or events and told me how important Momma has been in their life by listening to them. Chrysalis House provides this for so many women, including those with young children who are able to stay with them while undergoing treatment. Please support Chrysalis House whether you can make the luncheon or not, but hope to see you there!


Jon Carloftis




Chrysalis House Mother’s Day Luncheon
honoring Lucille Carloftis

Thursday, May 8th from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Chrysalis Community Center

Tickets are $50

Registration is Required
Online, Phone 859.977.2502 or Email

To buy tickets to this event visit the Chrysalis House website:


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