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After selling their absolutely perfect products to high end clients for several years now, Dale and I and Cate and Lily, made the pilgrimage last Wednesday, September 26th to Pomona, IL to visit the “factory” of Longshadow. This is almost a 6 hour drive, but was it ever worth it. There are many levels of quality when it comes to garden statuary and ornaments… very inexpensive concrete made with large pebbles that will fall apart in a few winters, “cast stone” which is a fine grade of concrete and will last much longer and then the best: Dry cast limestone planters and statuary, made from an old technique that’s been used for hundreds of years in England and France. When you see these planters and statues, it’s difficult to even look at anything else, truly. The owners, Charlotte was a big-time garden designer in the fancy suburbs of Chicago and her husband was part of the Chicago Botanic Garden (another wonderful place to visit if you are a garden lover) before they decided to make the finest garden ornaments in the United States, in the European tradition. After seeing their product and meeting them at the Bluegrass Trust Antique and Garden Show in Lexington, KY a couple of years ago, we have made sure that at least one of their fountains or containers are in every garden we create. They have been trying to get us to come out to visit ever since and last week we finally got the chance on a rainy day. Oh my gosh, is that property something else! It’s 150 acres of gardens, fields and ravines that looks like a state park. All of the employees are extremely nice and helpful which tells you a lot about the owners. Not only did we receive southern hospitality, but Charlotte is quite the cook, making a duck soup as well as a baked duck that I’m still dreaming about…. Their items are purchased only through trade design professionals but please take a look at their website ( to fall in love with their very special pieces. Call your local designer/landscape architect and ask them to design the water fountain of your dreams. It will elevate your property like no other ornament you could purchase. I’m a believer and when we bring in their pieces to our important projects, our clients love us!

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