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Garden Great #19

as featured in Country Living | April 2010


Room to Grow

Never had a treehouse growing up like me? So build one and live out your childhood dreams! Since our house was on the smaller side up in Bucks County, PA we built the one featured here in this issue of Country Living as a great little get away for us or our guests. There’s nothing like it in the world…

Read or download the full article here…


Patricia® Ivy


When you are adding ivy to containers to drape over the edges, using regular English Ivy (Hedera helix) is just too coarse looking and large in scale with most containers. Instead, use Patricia Ivy which is more delicate, has interesting veining in the leaves and is super hardy in most climates. Even if it died back from the last two terrible winters, it will grow back in no time if you cut it back.


Rainbow Rhythm™ ‘Going Bananas’ 


To me, yellow means happiness and when you visit my personal garden, there is as much yellow as there are white flowers. I’m HAPPY! Going Bananas are so gorgeous they almost look like an exotic orchid. Plus, they just keep on blooming and blooming while getting larger each season.


Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double
Reblooming Azalea


So, pink is not my favorite color for flowers in my own garden, however, at the Bucks County, PA farmhouse, I planted a dozen Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azaleas and they just get better and better each season. They are a little later blooming than other varieties which is a good feature as well.

When it comes to doubles… Double Maker’s Mark on the rocks, Double-Mint Twins… doubles are always the way to go!



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