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Garden Great #18

as featured in Better Homes & Gardens – Garden Rooms Issue | Summer 2006


Water Music

This was a story we did on water features ranging from inexpensive on up. Water in the garden makes a huge difference! If you’ve never tried it before, see if some of these ideas will inspire you…



Read or download the full article here…


Vogue® 'Ginger' Mandevilla hybrid

Vogue® ‘Ginger’ 


Mandevillia is the perfect summer vine because the hotter it gets, the better it gets. They are especially perfect for smaller ornamental urns as they can take extreme heat and are forgiving if you forget a watering…

Brightside Shasta Daisy Leucanthemum superbum

Shasta Daisy


I’ve always been disappointed with Shasta Daisies because they get too tall and fall over, making the garden a mess. Not with Proven Winners varieties. They are compact, huge bloomers and nothing says happiness like a daisy in the garden.

Intensia® Orchid Blast Phlox hybrid

Intensia® Orchid Blast 


For perennial borders, nothing beats old fashioned Phlox in the middle of the border. This Proven Winners variety is showy, fragrant and mildew resistant. A real winner!

Our Proven Winners® favorites are available at your local garden store or online at


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