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In 2014, KEMFI (Kentucky Executive Mansions Foundation, Inc.) joined the Commonwealth in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion. The Governor’s Mansion is consistently rated one of the most beautiful in America, however private funds are needed to help keep its integrity for future generations to appreciate. The goal for the Governor’s Mansion Centennial Celebration is to raise $1 million in an endowment for the proper upkeep of the “people’s house” for the next 100 years.  

Over the past few years, Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens has worked with the mansion’s ground crew to enhance new and existing gardens with plant donations, as well proven plant material from Proven Winners, one of our partners in making gardens more beautiful. Theses gardens are now nationally recognized as a Proven Winners Signature Garden. For as little as $50.00 a year you can help the Governor’s Mansion’s preservation and cultural enrichment effort to maintain these gardens, and more. Learn more about how you can help by visiting the KEMFI website (, or by taking advantage of a very special offer from Flower Magazine.
And a very special thank you to a good friend, Margot Shaw, the Editor of Flower Magazine ( Dale and I were fortunate to meet Margot several years ago during a short trip to Manalapan, Florida to meet Bucks County friends Renny Reynalds and partner Jack Staub ( We bonded instantly over common friends, gardening, flowers, and of course, dogs. It was Cate & Lily’s (our yellow labrador pups) first trip to Florida. A dual effort, search and rescue mission for Cate pushed over the retaining wall and into the inlet bay by Lily sealed the deal. Since this time, Margot has been a great supported of our work, as well of our home state of Kentucky. Flower Magazine’s recent sponsorship of, and her participation at the Kentucky Governor’s Summer Solstice Event was priceless.


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To read more about this beautiful Proven Winners Signature Garden, visit our website,

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