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If there is any time to go overboard and way beyond the normal, restrained tasteful garden, it is Halloween. Why not? I built this city garden in the upper east side of New York 18 years ago and we change out the flowers almost twice a month, much to the enjoyment of the neighbors and tourist. In fact, when we work here, it’s like being onstage and the nice people are overflowing with compliments…every few minutes, truly! When I work here, it makes me remember the same feeling from 25 years ago when starting my company (really for the summer and was going back to Lexington to start my business but look what happened) and then discovering that nature and “green” can make even the toughest New Yorker into a kitten. Gardens make people happy and that’s why I continue to love my work everyday, especially when it makes a New “Yawker” stop and take a moment to breathe in the beauty. When their daughter was very young, we really went overboard, but now that she is growing up, we are TRYING to get a little more restrained each year, but will never stop the fun of Halloween.

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