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While visiting Palm Springs for 8 days for New Years Eve, I slept around 15 hours a night for the first 5 days. 2014 has been a wild and wooly ride with all the projects we are doing and keeping up with our business in NYC in it’s 25th year!!! And then we had the wonderful, interesting and gratifying projects here in Kentucky such as Maker’s Mark Distillery, Old Taylor Distillery (a 500 acre farm on the Kentucky River) and our ongoing gardens at Botherum… just to name a few.

However… whenever visiting a place it’s a MUST to go see the local “famous garden” to take the time to see how things are done in a different place. We were so taken by Sunnylands, a haven for almost every U.S. President to visit and conduct meetings since the 1960’s. Their new welcome center and museum is surrounded by a truly amazing garden, newly built and will make a cacti lover out of you, whether you like them or not! Very little water consumption, dramatic plantings and interesting water features all come together for a memorable experience.

If you are ever in southern California, please don’t miss a visit this property.




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