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We recently had the pleasure of working at one of the world’s most prestigious music schools, the Curtis Institute of Music. This school has been in operation since October 13, 1924 and very successful due in large part to the unique ideas of the school’s creator, Mary Louise Curtis Bok. Noticing the wealth of talent in the very poorest parts of Philadelphia drove Ms. Bok to create an institution that students could come to without paying tuition and based only on talent.

Recently a very generous donor gifted $ 30 million with the school matching to build a new facility where the students could practice, study, and live in a comfortable conducive environment. We were asked by Elizabeth Warshaw to come up with a plan of using only Philadelphia native plants, having been grown from seed and not ripped from a forest. In addition to the planting beds we added JCFG reclaimed barn wood containers to grow vegetables and herbs for the students and school chefs, so that students whose lives are consumed with making music can also be immersed in nature as well as right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.

This was also a great opportunity to showcase the new JCFG fertilizers and photograph the results. Check out the pictures to see how big of a difference JCFG Bloom & Fruit TM and Soil & Root TM has on the landscaping in just two months time! We are very pleased to be bringing this great product to our fellow gardeners.

Before and After using JCFG Sustainable/Organic fertilizers.

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