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My favorite garden is a vegetable garden. Therefore I was thrilled when the Editor of Country Living Magazine asked us to design and install an organic vegetable garden featuring the vegetable favorites of eleven renown chefs across the country (Alice Waters, Frank Stitt, and Rick Bayless to name a few), and our new line of premium, all-natural plant products (Soil & Root, Bloom & Fruit) manufactured by Alltech. Marsha Ferris of the University of Kentucky Arboretum would provide the plot of land for this ambitious garden. The making of this garden was featured in the April, 2012 issue (attached) of Country Living magazine. Included in this feature is a list of our chef’s favorite seeds, the design layout of the garden we installed, as well summertime recipes featuring the produce grown. This wasn’t an easy project. A wet summer, tainted soil, and Arboretum wildlife nearly destroyed the garden. Quick thinking and hard work would pull us through. The Ultimate Kitchen Garden was installed in the summer of 2011. Arboretum staff have replanted this garden for summer 2012 enjoyment. I encourage you to visit this organic garden, in addition to the rest of this wonderful arboretum.

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