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Look for the April issue of Country Living Magazine and see the Ultimate Kitchen Garden featuring favorite edibles from 12 of the most famous chefs in the US such as Rick Bayless, Alice Waters, Frank Stitt, Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton, to name a few… Me and my favorite professor from UK, Sharon Bale, took a space at the beautiful UK Arboretum and made a raised bed vegetable and herb garden that was one trial and tribulation after another, just like a vegetable garden can be, especially the first year before you figure out all the issues. Plus, when trying to create a garden organically, it really takes extra effort but you will be rewarded with lots of flavor and the good feeling that you aren’t adding more chemicals to an already toxic world. However, being tenacious and observant to nature, we dealt with each problem as they arose and wait until you see the finished results!

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