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So, I never realized how gorgeous Stone Mountain State Park was until I went back as a grown-up (well, somewhat…) while speaking at the Country Living Magazine Fair this past weekend of October, 26-28th, 2012. The park offers so much in the way of nature. From the Evergreen Resort room, rowers were practicing each morning in the lake 20′ away. Nature trails and walking paths were being used by people escaping from Atlanta (and I must say that the traffic is worse than NYC at certain times) for the day or weekend. When they asked me to speak again for 2012, I jumped at the chance to go back and spend more time at the park, instead of making plans with friends in Atlanta like last year and missing out on the natural beauty. One thing that is FINALLY sinking in to my head is to enjoy where you are, at the time you are there. So many times we all could be enjoying something but are worried about the next thing, or another place. Here’s to loving where you are!

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