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When it takes time and effort to make something the best it can be, it’s ALWAYS worth it. Maker’s Mark has been creating premium bourbon longer than anyone else and each batch is still made on the farm… for the whole world! So naturally Canal House (Melissa Hamilton and our next door neighbor and BFF, Christopher Hirsheimer in Bucks County, PA) fits in perfectly with Maker’s Mark and their way of doing things right.

This special luncheon sold out in 45 minutes and 20 more spaces had to be made for people on the waiting list. As soon as guests arrived they were treated to Maker’s Mark Bourbon Sidecars, Maker’s Mark Manhattans and Maker’s Mark New Fashion Old-Fashioneds. It was a European-style dinner with each course deliciously paired with the right wines. People drove from as far away as Chicago and Columbus to eat lunch with Canal House and Maker’s Mark and it was worth every mile. DELICIOUS!

Here are some of our favorite photos from the day…




{ download the Maker’s Mark cocktail recipes here }



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