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Bittner’s is legendary in Louisville, greater Kentucky and beyond due to the fine quality furnishings they offer and the classic yet fresh design they give clients. We’ve worked with them (talented Ron Wolz as the designer) on a penthouse garden in the city, a log cabin on 800 acres, the most beautiful Tudor home overlooking the Ohio River, the Farmington Derby Breakfast with Garden & Gun magazine…. and what impresses me is that they all look different and perfect for each situation. None of their homes I’ve seen look like a museum taken out of a book, but they have the great mix of antique treasures and modern, young pieces that will stand the test of time. Douglas Riddle, president of Bittner’s which has been in business for 150 years!!!!!!!!! is taking this venerable company to new heights. They recently did a huge renovation for their anniversary and asked us to help with the center courtyard. Knowing they use it for parties and events, we had to keep the space open for different situations such as dinners, cocktail parties or talks, so we looked at the space, took out some old shrubs that had seen better days, kept the big trees and lit them with LED lights, and what made the whole garden work was adding two identical “windows” to balance the ones from which visitors view the garden. These “windows” are actually outdoor mirrors which add light and interest to the space. A very simple approach that doesn’t try to outdo the interior was the answer for this project. Please stop by and see the garden space as well as the fine furnishings and accessories at Bittner’s in Louisville.

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