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Order the NEW BOOK, Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens featuring twenty-four private and public gardens created by renowned designer Jon Carloftis.     BUY NOW

Over the years, Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens has become known for transforming gardens of all types including residential homes, rooftops, corporate properties, distilleries and more. We found the one of the best ways to show what we do is to give you a comparison, side by side, so you can see for yourself.

Private Homes


Ashbourne Farms


Castle & Key Distillery


Eastern Kentucky University

Fox Hill

Golden Oak Farm

Maker's Mark Distillery

Milam Farm

Mt. Brilliant Farm

Nitta Yuma

Overbrook House

Parker Place

River House


The Beach House

The Gardener's Cottage

The Gathering Place

The Park

The White House

Walnut Groves Farm

Whisper Creek Farm

Winchester's Island

Kazee Residence

Pulliam Residence

Pulliam pool before
Pulliam pool after
Pulliam at night
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