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When we took 50 members of the Tuckahoe Women’s Club from Richmond, Virginia on a private garden tour of Lexington recently, we really got to see first hand the extreme damage of the past two winters.

One of the gardens lost five 20′ tall Southern Magnolias and even tough old Viburnums down to the ground. Our Little Gem Magnolias are all as brown as they are at Old Taylor Distillery but they are starting to bud out and by putting the fertilizer on them we hope to jump start the growth.

Last year, we ripped out 18 Natchez Crape Myrtles and threw them into the compost pile, only to find out later that they all leafed out in the “plant cemetery”! So, if there is hope, leave them in a few more weeks before replacing the “dead” in your garden.


Cold weather damage to a Southern Magnolia.

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