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Nearly 25 years ago, I moved to New York City. My company has designed and installed 100’s of garden spaces for many of its rooftops and courtyards, our part of a larger initiative to ‘green’ the Big Apple. My career began witth a call from a famous art collector of modern art. By the end of that summer, the garden we installed would become a living outdoor extension of the eccentric collection indoors. My client didn’t allow chemical applications, however all-natural /organic alternatives were not readily avaliable. Our solution would arise from a coversation I would have with Deirdre Lyons of AllTech 22 years later. join me and other garden enthusiasts on Monday, May 21st at the AllTech 28th Annual International Symposium for a special focus on premium non-chemical plant foods like our own Soil & Root and Bloom & Fruit, products we use exclusively on all of our gardens. My presentation begins at 1:00. Email Molly Dugan of AllTech( to reserve your seat.

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