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Join Jon Carloftis of Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens (JCFG) … in partnership with the Cultural Landscape Foundation … on Sunday, June 16, 2013, for a tour of two (2) magnificent Kentucky garden landscapes.


JCFG worked closely with owners Greg & Becky Goodman of Mt. Brilliant Farm (1774) for four years to connect existing garden spaces to new ones designed to beautify his children’s homes, pool and pool house.  Come see the magnificent beds of iris that surround a central water feature and sculpture.  Then visit historic Botherum (1851) for a tour of a newly rejuvenated city garden, which includes a formal flower garden, organic vegetable garden with repurposed garden shed, and secret walled-in garden.  You will not believe what has taken place since both Jon and partner Dale Fisher purchased this property a little more than a year ago.  Tickets are $35 / person, and audiences are limited to 18-24 people. Tickets can be purchased via the following website address:

The Cultural Landscape Foundation, which is dedicated in part to making the hand of the landscape architect and designer visible, created Garden Dialogues, an initiative that provides unique opportunities for small groups to experience some of today’s most beautiful gardens created by some of the most accomplished designers currently in practice. The program brings together patrons and designers to reveal the creative process, the give and take, and the collaboration that yields a great garden.

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