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Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens, the Book

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The landscapes and gardens in Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens exemplify the depth and breadth of lifestyles and creative genius at work in Kentucky. They are urban, rural, commercial ­— but all beautifully transformative for the properties they grace. The accompanying chapter essays give insight into the property owners’ hopes, dreams and challenges which are met or exceeded. Garden and landscape design as put into practice by Jon Carloftis is all about resolving challenges to create welcoming outdoor spaces that make these beautiful properties come alive. Relax, put your feet up, and be inspired by this visual stroll through Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens.

For over thirty years, award-winning Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens has designed and installed beautiful and functional residential and commercial outdoor living spaces.

Garden design ranging from sprawling horse farms to small in-town backyards, mixing it up and making it interesting.

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